Exaltation – ÜBER Frenquencies [Metabolizm Records]

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Metabolizm Records is starting a collaboration with DMteam from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We have been working day and night since a couple of weeks to present you this killer video for our new EP Exaltation from Über Frequencies.

If you like the track, you can buy it on any digital platforms or stream it if you wish… We hope you will feel the passion. Cheers! 😉


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Video made by DMTeam..

DJ ÜBER Frenquencies

For over 15 years, Hubert Langelier is producing music on his own. His studio became a lab of experimentation, mixing styles together, trying to creates a perfect equilibrium between beats, sounds and melodies. Since 2009, a new project has emerge from all these years of self experiments :
Über Frequencies. A pure melodic and psychedelic experience, sustained by heavy bass lines and funky beats.

Metabolizm Records https://metabolizmrecords.com/

DJ ÜBER Frenquencies https://www.facebook.com/UberFrequencies

VJ’s DMTeam
The DMTeam is a duo of VJs that started in september 2016.

Rapidly, both artists made their mark in the psychedelic scene of Montreal.
It is with their determination and their dynamism that they evolve in this prosperous environment.

Adepts of visual effects and electronic music, the duo brings a visual dimension to the music to the public to enable an immersive and meditative experience.

WebSite http://vjdmteam.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vjmontreal