Ibiza Summer Mix 2020 🌴 Chillout Lounge Relaxing Deep House Music 🌴008

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✖ Tracklist:
00:00 Viva La Panda – California In Rain
02:57 GAB & Pillows – Strangers
05:53 Viva La Panda – Amaze
08:46 Dallerium – Lost In Moment
11:47 GAB – One Night
15:25 Alex Parker – Love Games (feat. Olivia Addams)
18:24 Dallerium x JRVO – Show Me The Way
21:46 Trial & Error, The Beamish Boys – Into The Deep
24:41 Joey Stux – Where You Belong
27:52 Voost – Just Say (Ft. Juliette Claire)
31:01 Luxe Agoris – Real Life (Feat. Nicholas Roberts)
33:46 We Are Friends & BlahkoΓΈ X Kinxq – June Girl (feat. NYMOU)
37:01 Gianni Blu – Deep In My Soul
40:09 Panuma & Yanic – Kiss You
43:07 Luxe Agoris & Third Vibes – Floating (Feat. Jesse Ian)
45:30 Vanze & Balco – Real You (feat. Malia Rogers)
48:38 Adon, Nicolas Haelg, Sam Halabi – Simple Love
51:31 We Are Friends & MASKED – With You (feat. ROXANA)
54:41 Gianni Blu – Endlessly
57:34 Viva La Panda – Beach Day
00:59:54 Swizznife – Letting Go
01:02:29 Trial & Error, Kate Grimes – To The Sea
01:05:20 Manuals – Stay With Me
01:08:03 Voost – Come With Me (feat. Rachel Raditz)
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