Psychedelic Trance mix October 2017 Wrecking the Dancefloor #14

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the 14th video mix in the Wrecking the Dancefloor series!!
video theme : Fire Hoop/Cyr Wheel/Hula Hoop and more

Video list (original video links) below the tracklist – scroll down

Thumbnail Picture is from Yolandi Visser (Die Antwoord)
as Die Antwoord, made the track I FINK U FREEKY , as that is remixed into the track of Circuit Breakers – Freaky

01. 00:00 Circuit Breakers – Freaky [Zero One Music]
02. 06:40 Avalon & Burn In Noise – Double Trouble [Nano Records]
03. 11:07 Faders – Molecular Formulas [TechSafari Records]
04. 16:14 Djantrix – Teardrops [Digital Om]
05. 20:54 Circuit Breakers – Commies (Avalon & Laughing Buddha Remix)[Nano Records]
06. 25:47 Burn In Noise & Outside The Universe – God Intoxicated State [Nano Records]
07. 30:14 Electric Universe – Ignition Sequence Start [Sacred Technology]
08. 34:40 Astrix & Pixel – Here and There [HOMmega Productions]
09. 40:00 Tristan & Aardvarkk – Daws Of Perception (Imagine Mars & Volcano Remix)[Nano Records]
10. 45:07 Killerwatts & Laughing Buddha – Nature Of Reality [Nano Records]
11. 49:47 Xerox, Volcano, Imagine Mars – Flying Saucers [Sacred Technology]
12. 55:15 System Niple – Zero Gravity [Bounce Recordings]
13. 1:02:22 Drukverdeler & DJ Bim – Into The Vortex [Digital Om]

original Video list
01:07 Rachel Salzman – roue cyr (cyr wheel) demo

02:40 Go Pro- First Person Flow_ Burning Man, Nor Cal, and Volcano (HD)

06:18 Hula Hoop Shuffle in Venice Beach (

08:22 Cyr Wheel Dancing_ The Yin and Yang

09:47 TANDAVA – _STORM_ ( Фаер-шоу, г.Москва)

15:20 GoPro Cyr Wheel Duo

16:40 Contact In The City _ Contact Staff _ Garrdian

20:00 Pittalew Tribal Fusion – The Art of Fire & Dance

27:02 TANDAVA – _STORM_ ( Фаер-шоу, г.Москва)

29:35 Cirque De Flirt – Fire Hoop Duet by ‘Spunshine’

33:20 Linda Farkas_ Contact Staff Routine N°4

39:20 Hyperion Twin Hoops – _Bang it to the Curb_ ~ Sarah Schireman

42:15 Огненное фаер шоу Flagro Свадебное шоу в Ростове-на-Дону

46:06 Linda Farkas’ sunset flow in Goa

49:37 Фаер шоу

01:01:47 Фаер шоу Киев 050 471 52 01

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