Psychedelic Trance mix

Acid or lysergic (referring to lysergic acid) psychedelic music is a music genre intended to invoke the psychedelic experience, either lyrically or sonically. Various pre-modern cultures have used psychedelic substances and most frequently their use was and is accompanied by music such as happens in some American shamanism cultures to this day.

Psychedelic rock

England’s psychedelic rock is distinguished by its somewhat mysterious character, compositional improvisation, and its association with hallucinogenic substances such as psilocybin, cannabis, and, above all, LSD. There is no rigorous description of this genre and all sorts of sounds ranging from rag rock, acid rock, to hard rock are also defined as such.


British rock embarked on a frenzied race of ideas in 1962 that swept across the US because of the so-called British rock music invasion. External influences were also experimented with in the folk music community. Several musicians started to take drugs along the same line of the Jazz and Blues tradition and included references to them in their songs.


  1. 00:00 BPM – Ignition Sequence [BMSS Records]
  2. 06:19 Sonic Species & Imagine Mars – Fly Machine [Sacred Technology]
  3. 11:50 Spirit Architect – The Fortress (Insignia rmx)[Dacru Records]
  4. 17:13 Killerwatts & Waio – Wake Up (2017 Deluxe Edition)[Nano Records]
  5. 23:13 Outsiders & Hypnocoustics – Earthshine [Sacred Technology]
  6. 26:26 ESP – Wormhole [Tip Records Limited]
  7. 31:04 Magik & Volcano – Get Out [Nano Records]
  8. 36:06 Stryker & Mad Maxx – Behind Your Eyes [United Beats Records]
  9. 40:58 Middle Mode – High Way [Digital Om]
  10. 44:56 Laughing Buddha – Shiva Sunrise (Djantrix rmx)[Digital Om]
  11. 49:34 Avalon – Distant Futures (Spinal Fusion rmx)[Nano Records]
  12. 54:22 Lunatica – Kumara [Digital Om]
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